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The unexpected can happen.
Protect yourself and your family.

Foster Parents Legal Solutions Plan
You need an attorney on your side!

“None of us expects our house to burn down, and we cross our fingers we won’t be burglarized. While not expecting allegations of abuse to children to be made against them, it is vitally important that foster parents acknowledge the possibility.”
— Gordon Evans, National Foster Parent Association

We will answer your questions.

• You are charged with allegations of maltreatment in your family foster home...

• You have been unreasonably cited for rules violations...

• Your foster care license is not renewed...

• A hearing is scheduled to review allegations...

• Every year there is about a one-in-eight chance that an allegation will be made against a foster parent and founded as charged!

• Almost 80% of the foster parents who were founded as charged were believed to be incorrectly charged!

With the Foster Parent Plan you have access to valuable benefits such as:

• Legal representation for administrative inquiries and hearings—up to 200 total hours of attorney time after your 5th year of membership! 

• Unlimited phone consultations with your Provider Law Firm 

• Phone calls & letters made on your behalf 

• Contract and document review 

• Will preparation 

• Motor vehicle services such as moving traffic violation assistance and tragic accident representation 

• 25% member discount on all other legal services! 

Call Foster Parents Legal Solutions for more information at 1-877-FPA-CHILD